Welcome to my original artwork

Creating has been my passion since I could remember.  Whether its painting or more towards the crafts, it has always been the guiding force driving me forward.

I love vivid color and texture.  For me the world would not be complete without both.  I'm always trying to expand my knowledge and finding new ways to express my passion of creating something unique and different.  This is why you will see variations of mixed media in my artwork especially in my abstract acrylic paintings.

I am a self-taught artist, which I feel enables me to work without rules and boundaries.  Experimenting and trying something new gives me that rush of excitement especially when it matches that vision in my mind.  My artwork does not depict one particular style or medium as I let my passion take me to whatever my interests are at the time.  To me the possibilities are endless.   

Some of my artwork is planned and executed down to the smallest detail while others I just let the canvas direct me where it wants to go.  It all starts somewhere...a smell, a color or a visual impression, then the visions in my mind start creeping forward and I have to find a way to create them.

In today's chaos of daily life, creating calms and excites me at the same time.  I feel that I am truly myself when I am creating.  As an artist I leave a little piece of myself in every piece of art that I create.  It gives me great pleasure when someone sees one of my creations and they just want to reach out and touch it. 

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I hope you enjoy browsing through my online gallery as much as I have enjoyed creating it!   

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